My research involves behavioral cancer prevention, specifically in the areas of skin cancer (the most common cancer in the US) and tobacco control (the leading cause of preventable deaths in the US). I’ve used my research training to evaluate the effectiveness of school-based sun safety education, analyze how people utilize the Internet and social media for cancer information, survey children, adolescents and young adults on their skin cancer prevention behaviors, and assess cancer prevention programs among special populations.

— Dr. Julie Merten

Current Projects

Brooks Dean’s Research Professorship 2018 – 2021

UNF Public Health & Baptist Health Healthy Living Centers: Partnership to Develop and Test a Brief Skin Cancer Risk Assessment and Referral Intervention

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, 20% of the US population will develop skin cancer during their lifetime, and annual treatment costs top eight billion dollars. Although ultraviolet radiation exposure and skin cancer rates are rising, the US Preventive Services Task Force recommends targeted screenings only for higher risk individuals rather than routine screenings for all adults; however there is no protocol in place to identify higher risk individuals. As with other cancers, earlier detection through screening often leads to better chances of recovery and reduced expenses. This three-year study will develop and test the feasibility of an intervention to train lay providers (health coaches) to identify and refer adults at higher risk for skin cancer for a total body skin examination (TBSE). Aim one of this study will adapt the brief skin cancer assessment tool (BRAT) to develop a Brief Intervention and Referral for Screening toolkit for use by health coaches. Aim two will assess the feasibility of the intervention among health coaches and patients. This study proposes an innovative approach to fill a gap in clinical practice of more strategically screening adults for skin cancer. Pending successful feasibility of the intervention, we will conduct multi-site randomized controlled trials, expand to other sites, and include additional allied health professionals.

Select Presentations and Publications
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